Market leading biofiltration system with a small footprint.

Filterra® is a pre-engineered and manufactured plug-and-play micro biofiltration system that removes TSS, metals and nutrients using natural, biological processes.

Developed after decades of research, Filterra® is a next-generation biofiltration solution, designed to provide enhanced treatment outcomes while requiring as little as 10% of the footprint of traditional rain gardens.

Designed to treat up to 4450mm/hr and with a maximum treatable flow rate of 7000mm/hr the Filterra® media has been optimised to operate under high flow rates while maintaining high pollutant removal performance.

The Filterra® system is designed for low maintenance and the engineered media does not need replacing under normal operating conditions, making it one of the most cost-effective treatment devices on the market to maintain.

For large scale developments please see Filterra Bioscape.

Compared to traditional rain gardens
Dissolved Zn Removal tested as tested by Canterbury University treating degraded galvanized roof
Approved media infiltration rate for local applications
TTS Removal
Maximum % removal tested in third-party field trials

How it works



Smaller Footprint
Stormwater360 work with the consultants and other project members to develop a preliminary design and functional green infrastructure design.
Increased Biodiversity
Manufactured in New Zealand from locally sourced materials, the Filterra® complements Low Impact Design (LID) principles. New Zealand native plant species promote biodiversity, community and cultural outcomes.
Easy Maintenance
Only the mulch layer needs to be replaced every 6-12 months, sourced from an approved third-party supplier. Under normal conditions the media and plants should not need replacing. Planting, commissioning and 12 months of maintenance are included in the supply of the Filterra®.
Cost Savings
A plug-and-play device with fewer, smaller units Filterra® can offer a substantial capital cost saving when compared to bespoke rain garden designs. Additionally, with no confined space requirements and off road solutions, there are further cost savings for stakeholders.Independently Verified Life Cycle Cost data available on request.
Proven Performance
Filterra® engineered media undergoes at least 25 quality assurance assessments to ensure pollutant removal, hydraulic conductivity and performance over time. Each batch takes over a month to produce, and is guaranteed to not leach or transform contaminants such as phosphorous or copper. Plant trials have established successful plants for long term health of the system, and rigorous third-party tests in New Zealand, Canada, USA and Australia are available to demonstrate its TSS, metals and nutrient removal capabilities.



Typical applications

Ideally suited to land development projects, where economical treatment of large catchment areas is the main priority, Filterra® can provide treatment in a range of applications:

  • Subdivision roading
  • Local roads
  • JOAL/accessway treatment
  • Car parks for schools, commercial and retail
  • Industrial sites with elevated metals (specialist design may be required)

Custom applications

Filterra® shifts the boundaries of what was previously possible with green infrastructure. Stormwater360 can provide a customised solution for your project considering the design infiltration rate and safety factor for your land-use.

Our service includes all approvals, calculation sheets and drawings, and a range of tools are available to assist with your Filterra® design, contact us today for further information.

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Maintenance & Operations

High flow bioretention plants are sourced and supplied with a 12-month warranty ensuring healthy and robust vegetation. Stormwater360 operate and maintain the Filterra® for the first 12 months.

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Design your own

for site specific needs

Use our free online sizing tool for instant DIY sizing and technical specifications.

Planting Palette

Plant health is essential for the long-term performance and sustainability of biofiltration systems, and high infiltration rate soils can restrict plants’ ability to grow.

With over 50 plants comprehensively tested by Stormwater360, we are confident that the New Zealand native species proposed by us will be successful in Filterra® installations. Our plant guide features a range of grasses and trees that align with local authority bioretention plant lists.

Planting Palette




The proven Filterra® technology is combined with the simplicity and ease of installing a manhole to create a versatile treatment solution that can easily be integrated into wider landscaping. Available in DN1050 and DN1200 options, Manhole Filterra® can be used where the supply of a precast vault is impractical or not required.



Standard Filterra® supply is in precast vaults from 1.2m x 1.2m, up to 4m x 2.1m. The treatable catchment area is up to 2,500m² in most locations, or 5,000m² in Christchurch. Vaults are supplied to the site pre-filled with media, the contractor simply needs to place the unit and connect to the network.



Custom solution for treating dissolved metals from roofs and other impermeable surfaces. Talk to us for more information.

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