Retention, detention or underground reuse tank.

ChamberMaxx™ is a corrugated, open-bottom plastic arch detention system designed to economically collect, detain, retain and infiltrate stormwater runoff. 

The chambers are injection-moulded using structurally-efficient and corrosion-resistant polypropylene resin. The lightweight design has been extensively tested and exceeds New Zealand heavy traffic loading standards, and the chambers are designed to be installed in high load areas where land is at a premium.

For infiltration applications, the ChamberMaxx™ system effectively recharges groundwater, which can achieve reduced discharge objectives as part of Low Impact Design strategy. 

By utilising subsurface infiltration, space is preserved for development and runoff is reduced or eliminated. The ChamberMaxx™ is ideal when you need to maximise storage capacity in a shallow footprint. 

of storage per chamber
No need for heavy lifting equipment
Low profile Rise
installed across New Zealand

How it works


Efficient Space Utilisation
  • Maximum Volume in Small Footprint: Offers 1.40 m3 of storage per chamber, ensuring optimal use of space while providing ample storage capacity for stormwater runoff.
  • Low Profile Shape (770mm rise): Economical for shallow applications, ideal for areas with limited depth requirements, minimizing excavation costs and land usage.
  • Modular Configuration: Provides flexible layout options, allowing for customized configurations to suit specific site requirements, maximizing efficiency and adaptability.
Structural Integrity and Durability
  • Integral End Walls: Enhance structural integrity, reduce costs, and simplify installation by eliminating the need for additional components.
  • Strong Construction: Exceeds heavy loading standards, ensuring durability and longevity even under harsh environmental conditions, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.
Easy Installation and Cost Efficiency
  • Lightweight Design: Each chamber weighs approximately 40kg, facilitating manual installation without the need for heavy equipment, reducing labor and equipment costs.
  • Innovative Sub-corrugations: Incorporate lower weight per cubic meter of storage, resulting in reduced material usage and manufacturing costs, offering a more economical product without compromising performance or quality.

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