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Hydrodynamic Separators, GPTs and Inserts

Manage urban runoff with our  Hydrodynamic Separators, GPTs (Gross Pollutant Traps), and Inserts,  offering cutting-edge solutions to enhance water quality and protect the environment. 

Hydrodynamic Separators, installed in underground vaults, efficiently remove pollutants through swirling motion.

GPTs leverage gravity and sedimentation to capture sediment, oil, and debris, and are are a cost-effective way to reduce your site’s contaminant loadings and extend system maintenance frequencies. 

Inserts, designed for existing catch basins and drainage structures, provide a versatile and cost-effective means of improving water quality.

Together, these innovative technologies form a comprehensive toolkit for mitigating urban runoff's adverse effects and safeguarding our precious water resources. 


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