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At Stormwater360, we're more than just stormwater specialists. We're a team of engineers, inventors, and problem solvers dedicated to advancing stormwater treatment.

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With stringent water quality requirements set by ECAN for this development, effective stormwater treatment was vital to protect the pristine waters of Lake Tekapo. Stormwater360 delivered a truly outstanding solution for the protection of the local water environment.

Jonathan Speedy

Development Manager Station Bay,

Covington Group

"We chose the Bioscape as a future solution as I think it’s a good example of improving on a large rain garden design. I would recommend this as a good has solved our problems on the site. It got us out of a hole, it got through the consent process both with the regional council and Western Bay”

Barry Pearson

Senior Engineer

S&L Land Specialists

We can always rely on Stormwater360 to act ethically, and to provide safe, effective, and efficient solutions to some demanding design challenges

Roan Durand

Design Engineer


Every project I have worked on with Stormwater360 has been a positive experience with great outcomes. Stormwater360 uses the science to develop the technology. Collaborating with them over the past 18 years has not only provided better outcomes for my clients and the environment but has made me a stronger stormwater professional.

Linda Norman

Civil Engineer

ACH Consulting

Thanks for the support in delivering this project. The entire design journey went smoothly from concept to IFC, as did construction and commissioning. We even delivered the project within the budget that the client had set aside, so they are very happy.

Tonkin + Taylor