Retain performance and longevity of your asset with 360 maintenance.

At Stormwater360, operational maintenance is not just a routine task; it's a commitment to the long-term performance and sustainability of our solutions.
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In stormwater management, the installation of treatment devices marks a significant step towards mitigating the impact of urban runoff on our ecosystems. However, the effectiveness of such systems, like those within the Stormwater360 framework, is contingent upon diligent operations and maintenance.

These practices serve as the backbone of stormwater treatment, ensuring that devices continue to function optimally, capturing pollutants, preserve water quality and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

As a testament to our dedication to stormwater treatment, we're proud to introduce our new Operations and Maintenance Training Programme for various Stormwater360 devices. This programme offers invaluable knowledge for asset managers and maintenance contractors alike.

Regular maintenance is essential to the operation of the stormwater treatment device and to minimise adverse environmental effects on downstream water quality. It is important that a maintenance programme is put in place and undertaken in accordance with the manufacturers specifications.

Preempt device damage
Stormwater structures or storage facilities can become clogged with debris or sediment, leading to reduced flow or storage capacity, which in turn may result in flooding of the site and damage to stormwater assets.
Maintain efficiency
A reduction in the ability of stormwater treatment devices to efficiently and effectively remove and prevent pollutants from entering waterways.
Ensure compliance
A failure to comply with local authority regulations relating to stormwater quality standards, which may result in penalties for the site’s owners or property managers.
Avoid device failure
The likelihood of costly repairs, increased ongoing maintenance costs and the potential of damage to other infrastructure or drainage assets.
Operation and Maintenance Certification training programme.

The Stormwater360 Operations and Maintenance programme is tailored for asset owners and maintenance contractors alike. Gain access to our on-demand online platform featuring video tutorials,  modules, and quizzes designed to certify you as a qualified Stormwater360 maintenance provider or to just gain more knowledge of maintaining Stormwater360 devices for optimal performance.

Learn how to effectively maintain Stormwater360 devices, saving both time and money in the process.

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The key to cost-effective stormwater management is knowledge

What You Will Learn:

Routine Inspection Procedures
Learning how to conduct regular checks and identify potential issues.
Preventive Maintenance
Acquiring skills to perform preventive maintenance tasks to prolong the lifespan of SW360 devices.
Troubleshooting Techniques
Developing abilities to diagnose and resolve common operational challenges.
Certification upon Completion
At completion of this course, you will become a certified maintenance provider of your chosen Stormwater360 devices and be provided with a certificate of your certification.

"I found the Stormwater360 Operations and Maintenance Training Platform easy to use, informative, and easy to understand.”

Darryl Brewe

CST Group

Protect your infrastructure

Protect your infrastructure

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