Address site-specific issues with custom designed solutions.

Our experienced design team can provide design assistance to ensure your project meets all necessary regulatory and project-specific requirements.
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At Stormwater360, our strength lies in our robust design capabilities, driven by our dedicated in-house team. With their expertise, our stormwater treatment solutions can be customised to suit your exact requirements, whether it's enhancing pollutant removal, optimising hydraulics, or improving maintenance efficiency. Our design process is thorough and comprehensive, starting with the extensive research and development of our technologies to ensure compliance with New Zealand standards and regulations.

Our in-house design team can provide you with everything you need to get started on your project, offering technical advice and support from design through to operation and maintenance. We also offer a Sizing Tool for many of our treatment solutions, creating instant customised project-specific drawings and support documentation.

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Stormwater360 Sizing Tools. Instant DIY sizing, drawings and technical specifications.

To make things even more convenient for you, we've created a free, online preliminary sizing tool for instant DIY sizing, drawings, and technical specifications. Get started and simplify your stormwater planning process today.

Quickly size and prepare preliminary designs
Assess site-specific needs
Performance Reports
Calculate storage requirements
Leading the way for smarter stormwater solutions. Launch sizing tool

"Working with Stormwater360 has always been an absolute pleasure. We particularly appreciate the rapid turnaround time and the level of involvement your team is willing to provide throughout the lifespan of our projects. It is under immense deadline pressures that we truly come to appreciate the level of support provided by the Stormwater360 team, along with the peace of mind that accompanies it.”

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Looking for help with your project?

Stromwater360 offer a consultancy service to provide investigation, monitoring and customised design solutions to suit specific site constraints and land uses.