Low-cost catchpit insert for removal of litter and gross pollutants from run-off.

The EnviroPod™ LittaTrap™ is a modular and versatile inlet filter device designed to capture litter, debris, sediment and other pollutants conveyed in stormwater runoff, meeting water quality objectives and regulations.

Lightweight and structurally robust, with an 8-year warranty, the LittaTrap™ is designed to fit a range of catch basin structures, and can also be customised to meet site-specific pollutant removal requirements, such as sediment or plastic pellets.

With easy installation and maintenance . the LittaTrap is a cost effective at-source treatment option and ideal for pretreatment - reducing downstream maintenance costs.

warranty on static parts
New Zealand Innovation Awards
of 5mm gross pollutant capture
plastic pellets
captured in one LittaTrap in one year

How it works

Stormwater Entry
Pollutant Capture


User-Friendly Operation and Maintenance
  • Simple to Use: Straightforward design ensures ease of use for all users, requiring minimal training or expertise.
  • Easy Maintenance: Effortlessly lift out, tip, and replace for routine maintenance, reducing downtime and operational disruptions.
Cost-Efficient Installation and Performance
  • Minimum Install Cost: Offers a cost-effective installation process, minimising upfront expenses while ensuring effective stormwater treatment.
  • Lowest Capital Cost: Provides the lowest capital cost among stormwater treatment devices, delivering exceptional value without compromising performance.
Versatile and Effective Pollution Control
  • Dry Capture of Pollutants: Efficiently captures pollutants in a dry state, minimising flooding and ensuring optimal pollutant removal.
  • Customisable Performance Liners: Offers a range of varying micron performance liners to target plastic pellets ( nurdles) , sediment and other pollutants, providing tailored pollution control solutions for diverse environmental challenges.
  • Suitable for High-Litter Areas: Ideal for use in high-litter areas, effectively capturing debris and pollutants to maintain water quality and ecosystem health.

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