Cascade Separator™
Cascade Separator™

Cascade Separator™

Innovative and efficient hydrodynamic separator.

The Cascade Separator™ is the latest advancement in stormwater treatment technology.

This innovative hydrodynamic separator excels in sediment capture and retention while effectively removing hydrocarbons, litter, and debris from stormwater runoff. What sets the Cascade Separator™ apart is its utilization of opposing vortices, which significantly enhance particle settling, and a unique skirt design that facilitates sediment transport into the sump while minimizing turbulence and resuspension of previously captured material.

These distinct features enable the Cascade Separator™ to effectively treat high flow rates within a compact footprint, offering an efficient and economical solution for any site's stormwater management needs.

Cascade Separator™
Proven Perfomance
Holds current New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Certification
and patented Skirt design to prevent scouring on settled contaminants
system for superior sediment removal
vs flow rate compared to other HDS systems

How it works


Superior Pollutant Removal
  • Unique skirt design with opposing vortices ensures superior Total Suspended Solids (TSS) removal, resulting in enhanced water quality and ecosystem health.
Cost-Efficient Design Features
  • Accepts a wide range of inlet pipe angles and multiple inlet pipes, eliminating the need for costly upstream receiving manholes and separate grate inlet structures.
  • Internal bypass feature saves on the requirement and cost of upstream bypass structures, optimising project budgets.
Easy Maintenance & Installation Flexibility
  • Clear access to the storage sump provides fast and easy maintenance, minimising downtime and ensuring efficient upkeep.
  • Flexible design accommodates various site conditions, allowing for easy installation and ensuring adaptability to project requirements.