Filterra® Bioscape
Filterra® Bioscape

Filterra® Bioscape

Scaled, high infiltration and performance biofiltration

The Stormwater360 Filterra® Bioscape is an engineered, centralised Biofiltration system, designed to treat catchments over 10,000m2. It uses the patented Stormwater360 Filterra® technology to deliver best-in-class treatment on a small footprint.

Filterra® Bioscape is a collaboration between Stormwater360 and design consultants, placing the proven Filterra® technology into custom designed, large format, built in situ encasement.

Custom-designed flow distribution makes sure every part of the Bioscape is providing treatment, and full integration into any landscape design is possible. Whereas ponds and wetlands need rebuilding periodically, the Bioscape media should not need replacing and has an expected life span of at least 25-years.

Filterra® Bioscape
Designed to treat large catchments
Compared to traditonal rain gardens
assurance assessments to ensure pollutant removal, hydraulic conductivity and performance over time.
solutions with unique inlet flow distribution and adaptable

How it works



High hydraulic conductivity means the Filterra® Bioscape requires as little as 10% of the footprint of conventional treatment devices, allowing more space for development or recreation.


Manufactured in New Zealand from locally sourced materials, the Filterra® Bioscape complements Low Impact Design (LID) principles. New Zealand native plant species promote biodiversity, community and cultural outcomes.


Only the mulch layer needs to be replaced every 6-12 months, sourced from an approved third-party supplier. Under normal conditions, the media and plants should not need replacing. Planting, commissioning and 12 months of maintenance are included in the supply of the Filterra® Bioscape.


Filterra® Bioscape offers substantial cost benefits when compared to traditional devices. The smaller footprint results in more developable areas with less earthworks, and maintenance does not require a specialised contractor. A Life Cycle Cost report is available on request.


Filterra® Bioscape media undergoes at least 25 quality assurance assessments to ensure pollutant removal, hydraulic conductivity and performance over time. Each batch takes over a month to produce and is guaranteed to not leach or transform contaminants such as phosphorus or copper. Plant trials have established successful plants for the long-term health of the system, and rigorous third-party tests in New Zealand, Canada, USA and Australia are available to demonstrate its TSS, metals and nutrient removal capabilities.

 Tailored & Collaborative Design Support

The Filterra® Bioscape offers a packaged design solution for large biofiltration systems, collaboratively designed to suit individual project needs, site conditions, and landscaping requirements. Stormwater360 provides comprehensive support from initial design consultation to regulatory engagement, detailed design, construction assistance, and ongoing operation and maintenance, ensuring successful implementation and long-term effectiveness of green infrastructure projects.


Filterra® Bioscape

Ideally suited to larger land development projects where a centralised treatment solution is preferred, Filterra® Bioscape can provide treatment for a range of applications:

  • Greenfield and brownfield developments
  • Residential subdivisions
  • Mixed-use and commercial subdivisions
  • Local roads and highways
  • Catchments over 1ha