Full capture Gross Pollutant Trap with 5mm Screen

VortCapture™ is a full capture, high-capacity litter, debris & sediment solution.

Designed to remove all particles greater than 5mm in size, the system combines the proven sediment removal capability of hydrodynamic separation with superior litter and organic debris capture. The result is a stormwater treatment system that effectively captures and retains a broad range of pollutants. Integrated high flow diversion and a flexible, compact design make it ideal for congested sites, ensuring optimal performance even in limited spaces.

The system also provides unobstructed access to stored pollutants, simplifying maintenance efforts, while an integrated screen efficiently removes neutral buoyant debris, enhancing overall pollutant capture efficiency.

all pollutants greater than 5mm in size
period of primary treatment system when used as pre-treatment  
Treatment and internal bypass in one structure
to downstream conventional treatment solutions by capturing all litter

How it works

Stormwater runoff enters VortCapture
Stormwater runoff is treated
Treated water exits


Treatment Efficiency
  • Treatment and Internal Bypass: VortCapture offers treatment and internal bypass functionalities within a single structure, ensuring efficient stormwater treatment without compromising performance.
  • Greater Sediment Particle Removal: VortCapture excels at removing sediment particles even at lower flow rates, ensuring thorough pollutant removal from stormwater runoff.
Compact Design
  • Ideal for Congested Sites: With its compact design, VortCapture is perfectly suited for congested sites where space is limited, providing effective stormwater management solutions even in confined areas.
  • Integrated Screen: VortCapture features an integrated screen to remove neutral buoyant debris, enhancing its efficiency in capturing a wide range of pollutants.
Easy Installation and Maintenance
  • Lightweight Construction: Featuring a round and lightweight construction, VortCapture is easy to handle and install, reducing installation time and labor costs.
  • Unobstructed Maintenance Access: VortCapture provides unobstructed access for maintenance, facilitating easy inspection and cleaning to ensure consistent performance over time.

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