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Diversion & Oil/Water Separation

Stormwater360 provides specialized solutions tailored for industrial sites and trade-waste applications, addressing the intricate challenge of oil and water separation and diversion. Our focus extends to high pollutant loading sites, where unique toxic contaminants, washdown areas, and industrial sites present specific challenges. A practical approach involves diverting the initial runoff flush to the wastewater system through an automatic diversion valve, effectively managing pollutant discharge.

Advanced oil and water separation systems are instrumental in removing hydrocarbons from stormwater, ensuring that discharges meet stringent regulatory standards with hydrocarbon levels below 5mg/l. Additionally, our solutions offer flexibility through the modification of diversion flows to manage surges effectively. Monitoring systems play a crucial role, detecting specific contaminants and diverting them to storage systems for proper management.

Our oil water separators (OWS) are equipped with automatic shut-off valves that close upon detecting hydrocarbons flowing through the system, enhancing efficiency and minimising environmental impact. With Stormwater360's comprehensive solutions, engineers can confidently address the complex challenges of oil and water separation in industrial settings, ensuring compliance with regulations and sustainable environmental practices.


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