Fox™ Valves
Fox™ Valves

Fox™ Valves

Divert harmful pollutants from washdown away from stormwater.

The Fox™ Valve system is a stormwater/ tradewaste diversion system designed to divert washdown and/or first flush stormwater runoff to trade waste to prevent pollution of downstream waterbodies.

Stormwater360 offer different systems depending on the pollutant of concern and concentration levels: 

Demand Driven Washdown Diversion System- this system relies on the work area being left free from pollutants after the washdown activity has ceased

First Flush Diversion System- for washpads where the area may be left polluted after the wash down operation ceases.

Constant Monitoring Diversion System- provides total protection where pollutant is water soluble.

Fox™ Valves
to choose from depending on site use and outcomes
L/sec flow rate
delivers high-performing stormwater management
all contaminants to tradewaste
and Play
for easy installation


Easy Installation and Calibration
  • Plug-and-Play Convenience: Fox Valves offer straightforward installation, simplifying the integration into stormwater systems.
Designed for Versatile Applications

Suitable for Larger Sites: Engineered for areas over 5m², Fox Valves efficiently manage stormwater runoff from larger surfaces, providing effective drainage solutions for diverse applications.

High Performance and Durability
  • Efficient Operation: Operating at a flow rate of 20 L/sec, Fox Valves deliver high-performance stormwater management, efficiently handling large volumes of water to prevent flooding and erosion.
  • Trafficable and Robust: Equipped with a Heavy Duty CLASS D grate, Fox Valves are built to withstand heavy loads and vehicular traffic, ensuring durability and reliability in challenging environments.


Fox™ Valves
  • Aviation/Airports
  • Earthmoving
  • Armed Forces
  • Ports/Marinas
  • Fuel/Gas Stations
  • Mining
  • Slipways
  • Trucking/Transport
  • Vehicle Dealerships

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Fox™ Valves




Demand Driven Washdown Diversion System

Stormwater360’s Fox Demand Driven Washdown Diversion System is a unit that will divert any run-off to trade waste when a wash operation is taking place. When washdown ceases, the system will divert any run-off to fill the chamber and leave through the stormwater outlet. It is most important that the area is left clean as there is no protection for the environment when a wash operation is not taking place. Should the area not be able to be left clean the Fox First Flush System would be recommended (FF600).



First Flush Diversion System

Stormwater360’s Fox Valve First Flush Diversion System is an effective control device for any unroofed washdown area automatically diverting wash water as well as the ‘first flush’ (if required) to sewer or treatment, whilst allowing unpolluted rain water to enter the stormwater network.
It is designed for use in areas where there is no guarantee that the wash bay will be left clean at the completion of a wash activity. Pollutants remaining on exposed areas can be dislodged by rain and carried into the stormwater network.

The Fox FF600 is designed to cleanse a site by capturing the initial runoff and diverting it to suitable treatment.



Constant Monitoring Diversion System

When your site has the potential to have stormwater run-off that has been contaminated with water soluble products such as wines, milk or chemicals entering the waterways there is a need for a Stormwater360 Fox Constant Monitoring System.

The system will constantly monitor all site run-off for pollutant concentrations that exceed predetermined levels. If set levels are exceeded the system will divert to a holding chamber for containment, and diversion will continue until pre-set levels return and run-off will then be allowed to leave the site.

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