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Our green infrastructure solutions emulate nature's approach by treating rainfall at its source. Through a combination of vegetation, engineered soils, and natural processes, we manage stormwater effectively, fostering healthier urban environments.

Retention lies at the heart of Water Sensitive Design (WSD). Unlike traditional detention systems, which merely detain and discharge runoff through outlet pipes, our retention systems retain stormwater onsite. This allows for its reuse in irrigation, water supply, or percolation into subsoils. Bioretention, a key component, utilizes specialized growing media and plants—both woody and herbaceous—to naturally filter pollutants from stormwater runoff.

Permeable surfaces represent another vital "at source" feature of WSD. By minimising impermeable land cover, these surfaces reduce stormwater runoff volumes through infiltration, consequently improving water quality.

Living or green roof technology stands as a practical WSD feature for stormwater management. Recognised as a stormwater best management practice (BMP), it transforms impervious roof surfaces—known for their high rate and volume of runoff—into surfaces that absorb precipitation, thus mitigating runoff and contributing to sustainable water management.


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