Load-bearing, reinforced concrete permeable pavement.

Grasscrete™ by Stormwater360 is a cutting-edge, cast-on-site cellular reinforced concrete permeable paving system designed to address urban water management challenges while enhancing aesthetic appeal.

This innovative solution embodies Water Sensitive Design (WSD) principles, reducing impervious area and promoting infiltration while maintaining a trafficable surface. Recognised as a permeable surface, Grasscrete™ reduces total site coverage and can help with meeting planning regulations.

The unique design of Grasscrete™ facilitates grass growth between cast in situ reinforced concrete, providing excellent structural support and protection against soil compaction. Filtration in the soil pockets mimics natural conditions, enabling stormwater infiltration into the ground, promoting groundwater recharge and reducing runoff pollution and volume.

Engineered for durability and high load-bearing capacity, Grasscrete™ is ideal for various applications, including car parks, driveways, spillways, and erosion control areas. Its environmental benefits and versatility make it a preferred choice for sustainable urban development initiatives

less concrete
than a standard concrete slab
reinforced concrete slab
installed across New Zealand
installed throughout New Zealand

How it works


Structural Strength and Stability
  • Load Bearing Capacity: Capable of supporting up to 40 tonnes gross vehicle weight, ensuring durability and resilience under heavy traffic loads.
  • Resistance to Differential Settlement: Resists differential settlement, maintaining evenness and stability over time, reducing maintenance needs and costs.
Cost and Resource Efficiency
  • Reduced Sub-base Depths: Reduces the need for extensive sub-base depths, resulting in cost savings and shorter construction timelines.
  • Elimination of Kerb Edges: Streamlines construction and eliminates the requirement for kerb edges, simplifying installation and reducing material and labor costs.
Enhanced Performance and Versatility
  • Stability Independent of Grass: Not reliant upon grass for stability, offering flexibility in landscaping choices and ensuring consistent performance in various environmental conditions.
  • Optimal Drainage Capability: Provides optimum drainage capability, preventing waterlogging and ensuring efficient water runoff, promoting healthier grass growth and prolonging surface lifespan.

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