Grasscrete™ at the Hidden Retreat
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Grasscrete™ at the Hidden Retreat

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Greenhithe, Auckland

Grasscrete™ at the Hidden Retreat

Stormwater360’s Grasscrete™ has recently been installed at ‘The Hidden Retreat’, a luxury holiday apartment in Greenhithe, Auckland.

This permeable paving system allows for grass to grow between steel-reinforced concrete and reduces stormwater runoff by allowing stormwater to percolate and be naturally filtered through the soil.

Installing a permeable product such as Grasscrete™ can also reduce the impervious surface area, which can allow for a greater building footprint. Grasscrete™ also has the added bonus of increasing green space, which adds to the aesthetic value.

The driveway at The Hidden Retreat was a challenging site with a steep grade of 1:4 and covered an area of 300m².

Due to the gradient, Conset Construction used a thicker mix (75-80mm slump) and a concrete slump for an even spread of concrete. Keeping the exposed aggregate also assists with tyre traction.

Dalton’s Premium Lawn Mix has been used as the soil and the grass species used are various species of fescues chosen for due to their resistance to drought.

(Grasscrete™ is an environmental paving system designed for high load-bearing and is ideal in low-traffic areas such as car parks, driveways and other applications such as spillways and erosion control).