Grasscrete™ at Ngapipi Rd, Orakei
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Grasscrete™ at Ngapipi Rd, Orakei

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Ngapipi Rd, Orakei, Auckland

Grasscrete™ at Ngapipi Rd, Orakei

Stormwater360’s permeable paving system has been used recently for a residential project In Auckland.

Lindesay Construction purchased 45m² of Grasscrete™ formers - our permeable paving system for use on a residential carpark.

When working within intensive urban areas, replacing impervious surfaces with pervious surfaces can allow for a bigger footprint. Permeable pavements are paving systems that reduce stormwater runoff volume and increase infiltration. The porous surface of permeable pavement allows stormwater to infiltrate through to an underlying gravel layer.

The Stormwater360 permeable paving system is designed to be load-bearing and is ideal in low traffic areas such as carparks and driveways.

Lindesay Construction undertook all aspects of this project including laying the basecourse and sand bedding and pouring of concrete and planting.

To install Grasscrete, a basecourse needs to be laid at a depth of 150-200mm, followed by a bedding layer 10-20mm thick. Once compacted, Grasscrete™ formers are laid on top along with the 200 x200 reinforced mesh to hold the former down. Concrete is then pumped into the formers and screeded off level to the top. When the concrete is dry, the tops of these formers need to be melted out with LPG burner to expose the voids.

Once all voids were exposed, Lindesay Construction used Daltons Lawn as the growing media, and this was planted with a mix of rye grasses. This type of grass has proven to be a good choice for this environment even when planted in the cooler months.

Feedback from Lindesay Construction has indicated that they found the Grasscrete™ system very easy to install and use.

The Grasscrete™ paving formers can be purchased directly from Stormwater360 and a contractor can install them. For contractors installing the Grasscrete system, we recommend reading the Contractors Laying Guide and Checklist.

We also offer the option of a Design and Build service and can be contacted at [email protected] for more information.