Filterra® Bioscape at Ōmokoroa
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Filterra® Bioscape at Ōmokoroa

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Ōmokoroa, Tauranga

Filterra® Bioscape at Ōmokoroa

Filterra® Bioscape in action at the Ōmokoroa new housing development, nestled strategically at the bottom to treat stormwater runoff from the entire subdivision. With a focus on preserving water quality for the Tauranga Harbour, a vital ecosystem for swimming, fishing, and wildlife, this custom-designed Bioscape is a game-changer.

Working closely with consulting engineers, each Filterra® Bioscape is tailored to site-specific needs, offering a remarkably small footprint compared to alternative solutions. The high infiltration rate efficiently processes water, allowing for a reduced device footprint. This opens up valuable land on developments like Ōmokoroa for various other uses.

Key benefits include the removal of heavy metals and contaminants from hard surfaces, such as driveways and roads. A Cascade Separator™ tackles larger debris, while the Filterra® Bioscape utilizes a biological process. The media and plants absorb contaminants, nourishing the plants and purifying the water before it flows into the underdrain and out into the waterways.

Despite its compact size of 120m², the Filterra® Bioscape impressively treats 3.25 Hectares at a rapid rate of 77L/second. In comparison, a traditional rain garden would require 650m² to achieve similar results.

Other benefits are; reduced maintenance as only the mulch needs to be replaced every 6-12 months, the addition of the Cascade Separator™ decreases sediment load and increases maintenance period. The Filterra® Bioscape also increases biodiversity by utilising native plant species and lowers costs from the smaller footprint as it requires less earthworks and maintenance.


We chose the Bioscape as a future solution as I think it’s a good example of improving on a large rain garden design. I would recommend this as a good has solved our problems on the site. It got us out of a hole, it got through the consent process both with the regional council and Western Bay” 

Barry Pearson – Senior Engineer, S&L