Cascade Separator™ at BUPA Retirement Village
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Cascade Separator™ at BUPA Retirement Village

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Hydrodynamic Separators, GPTs and Inserts


Retirement Village, Christchurch

Cascade Separator™ at BUPA Retirement Village

A BUPA Retirement Village required a gross pollutant trap (GPT) to provide pretreatment to stormwater runoff. Installing a GPT allowed BUPA to filter out coarse sediment from the runoff from the new roads prior to discharge into stormwater ponds for full treatment. This allows the ponds to better treat fine sediment and metals and improves the maintenance for BUPA’s site managers. GPTs provide treatment for floatables, and trash and are internationally approved for 50% TSS removal under the NJDEP approval, although can be designed to different removal percentages depending on particle size and flow rates.

The Cascade Separator™ was selected as an alternative to the specified GPT. The Cascade Separator™ is an innovative hydrodynamic separator that uses opposing vortices to enhance particle settling, and a unique skirt design to allow for sediment transport into the sump while reducing turbulence and resuspension of previously captured material. As a result, the Cascade Separator™ is in a smaller and shallower manhole than other GPTs, making it a more cost-effective solution, while still achieving the same excellent treatment performance.

BUPA Cascade Separator