LittaTrap™ at Medical Plastics
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LittaTrap™ at Medical Plastics

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Hydrodynamic Separators, GPTs and Inserts


East Tāmaki, Auckland

LittaTrap™ at Medical Plastics

Medical Plastics, a leading plastics processing company, is committed to environmental sustainability. 

In just one year, Medical Plastics has successfully captured 220,000 Nurdles that would have otherwise ended up in our precious waterways. Their dedication to maintaining the LittaTrap™ is commendable, taking only a few minutes of their time.

By having a LittaTrap™ on their premises, Medical Plastics is not only doing the right thing for future generations but also actively encouraging others to follow suit. It's an easy and fantastic solution to make a lasting impact on protecting our ecosystems.

Join the movement and take action against plastic pollution.