ChamberMaxx™ at Nazareth House
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ChamberMaxx™ at Nazareth House

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Green Infrastructure


Brougham St, Sydenham, Christchurch

ChamberMaxx™ at Nazareth House

This project involved an 8Ha redevelopment of established grounds for a residential complex. This resulted in a large increase in impervious areas with strict consent conditions requiring stormwater runoff to be treated and detained onsite prior.

5 Filterra® prototypes were installed to treat approximately 1.4 ha of pavement runoff prior to being discharged into detention chambers.

ChamberMaxx™ was chosen for detention due to its large storage capacity, full traffic rating, ease of installation and low cost. Approximately 677 chambers were used to detain 2200m³ of runoff. Making this the largest ChamberMaxx project in New Zealand to date.