Filterra® at Rolleston Town Centre
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Filterra® at Rolleston Town Centre

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Rolleston, Canterbury

Filterra® at Rolleston Town Centre

The Filterra® is a high infiltration, small footprint biofiltration system. Stormwater360 worked closely with the design consultants to create a bespoke design using a swale for conveyance and distribution, and an extended storage infiltration layer.

Filterra® is the next generation of biofiltration devices. Filterra® removes contaminants, including nutrients and metals, reduces stormwater flows and blends into the urban environment.

The Filterra® is a packaged innovative high-flow bioretention system that comes complete with the following:

• Concrete container (sealed for construction)
• Engineered media
• Engineered mulch layer
• Internal Pipework
• Commissioning & plants
• 1-year maintenance and plant warranty

The Filterra® system is approximately a 10th of the size of a traditional rain garden and has a much lower maintenance cost and is simple to maintain. The device is practical to construct and maintain and has safety elements from all stages of construction and operation fully considered.

Because of the Filterra® high infiltration rate at 2540mm/hr, we can achieve more treatment with a smaller footprint.

This particular site shows our Filterra® system in a DN1200 manhole which will treat up to 676m² at 5mm/hr.

Because of the smaller footprint, this allows for more carparks in this instance.