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Filterra® Westgate Development

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Northside Drive, Westgate, Auckland

Filterra® Westgate Development

The Westgate upgrade is comprised of 40,000m² of development and includes the new NorthWest shopping mall and Mitre10 Mega, with other retail, office and commercial space still under construction.

Our first Filterra® installed and commissioned was installed at Northside Drive in Westgate to provide stormwater treatment for two commercial stores for a catchment of 260m². The Filterra® is well suited for a high-density environment such as a commercial space where land is limited, as the system provides effective treatment with minimal space required.

Auckland Council has stringent requirements for treating stormwater before it reaches Totara Creek in Westgate. They deemed the Filterra® to be the appropriate biofiltration device for treating the stormwater and removing metals and hydrocarbons in this environment.

The Stormwater360 Filterra® is one of a number of Stormwater360 products that has acceptance by Auckland Council and Canterbury Council as a suitable device for stormwater treatment on public and private sites.

Maintenance of the Filterra® is simple and takes about 15 minutes and does not require confined space entry.

Stormwater360 provide a one-year maintenance on Filterra® devices and since being completed in November 2017 the unit at Northside Drive has been working effectively.

The tree is growing well and it is meeting the requirements for stormwater treatment. Since the installation of this Filterra®, additional devices have been commissioned on this site.