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Toyota leading the way in protection of waterways

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15 Jul 2021

Toyota leading the way in the protection of waterways
Toyota New Zealand has initiated an environmental sustainability activation to capture all litter entering their stormwater drains and has worked with Stormwater360 to install EnviroPod™ LittaTraps™ in service and parking areas across their stores nationwide.

Studies show that 80% of marine pollution originates from land and stormwater is a major pathway for this pollution to reach waterways. The majority of this pollution is plastic items that ultimately end up in our streams, rivers and oceans.

Despite our best efforts to prevent litter from entering stormwater systems, there are still factors present that lead to litter generation. These can often be simple processes such as wind carrying away litter before it can be recaptured or litter falling unnoticed when people exit their vehicles.

By installing catch basin inserts like the LittaTrap™ this waste is captured prior to entering the storm drain.

Toyota is leading the way in preventing litter from ending up in the environment and reducing its impact on water quality. This aligns with their overall sustainability strategy and we applaud them for encouraging every store to take action against plastic waste.

We encourage other businesses to take responsibility for their impacts on the environment and join Toyota in protecting the future of our waterways.

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