Revolutionising Stormwater Management: The LittaTrap's™ Innovative Modular Design
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Revolutionising Stormwater Management: The LittaTrap's™ Innovative Modular Design

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24 Oct 2023
Revolutionising Stormwater Management: The LittaTrap's™ Innovative Modular Design

The LittaTrap's™ Flexible Inlet Seal System

In Part 1 of our LittaTrap™ design blog series, we delved into the strength of the LittaTrap™, illustrating that its robust structural system makes it stand out from the crowd as a solution for capturing pollutants in catch basins and preventing pollution in stormwater runoff.

In Part 2 of our LittaTrap™ design blog series, we'll explore one of its most ingenious innovations: the Flexible Inlet Seal System, a vital component in modular catch basin filters.

Evolution of the LittaTrap™ in Stormwater Management
Over the course of 27 years, the LittaTrap™ has undergone a remarkable transformation. It began as a custom-made catch basin insert, tailored to fit the unique dimensions of individual local grate frames. Today, it has evolved into a modular system designed to adapt to a wide range of catch basin and grate sizes and configurations across the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and beyond.

The Role of the Flexible Inlet Seal System in Stormwater Pollution Control
At the core of this adaptability lies in the Flexible Inlet Seal System – an innovative feature that ensures the LittaTrap's™ effectiveness in capturing and preventing stormwater pollution, regardless of the size or shape of the catch basin.  It consists of two key components:

Load-Bearing Bracket Assembly: To support the weight of stormwater pollutants and manage hydraulic flow, a load-bearing bracket assembly is securely anchored to the catch basin wall. This critical component guarantees the LittaTrap's™ stability and reliability in various environmental conditions.
Plastic Seal System for fitting All sized catch basins: Complementing the bracket assembly is a plastic seal system. This seal serves a dual purpose: directing runoff into the filter basket while sealing any irregularities or size variations in the catch basin. It's a precision-engineered solution that ensures all pollutants are captured, regardless of the inlet's dimensions.

Installation Made Simple
One of the most remarkable aspects of the LittaTrap's™ Flexible Inlet Seal System is its ease of installation. Unlike traditional solutions that require time-consuming site measurements and multiple visits, the LittaTrap's™ independent flexible seal system can be easily hand-trimmed on-site. This eliminates the need for additional measurements, significantly reducing installation complexity and cost associated with stormwater pollution control.

Adaptability to Any Stormwater Runoff Scenario
The plastic composite seals are designed to remain flexible across a wide range of climates, accommodating temperature variations from below -40°C to above +40°C (105°F). Furthermore, they are UV stabilised to ensure long-term durability even in the harshest of conditions. Should you ever need to relocate the LittaTrap™ insert or replace the seals, seal kits are readily available for order from us.

In conclusion, the Flexible Inlet Seal System of the LittaTrap™ showcases our commitment to innovation and practicality. It's a solution that not only excels at capturing stormwater pollutants effectively but also seamlessly adapts to the unique requirements of every catch basin and grate configuration, contributing to cleaner and safer stormwater runoff.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of the LittaTrap™ design blog, where environmental sustainability meets engineering excellence in the battle against stormwater pollution.