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New Accessory: LavaSorb™

Product News
15 Aug 2023

We are excited to launch our new accessory LavaSorb™. It is a reusable natural oil absorber boom.

LavaSorb™ is a reusable small-diameter boom that absorbs free oil and grease conveyed in stormwater runoff. Simply attach the LavaSorb™ boom onto the LittaTrap™ filter basket to absorb oils without any water.

Absorbs up to 2L. per sock


Fibreglass mesh allows basalt fibres to have maximum contact with hydrocarbons while being resistant to high temperatures.

Clips at the ends of each boom allow them to clip together and to the LittaTrap™.

Absorbs and retains oils and oil-based liquids, including lubricants and fuels, without absorbing a drop of water.

Basalt fibres are sustainability sourced from naturally occurring Lava rock and absorb more hydrocarbon by weight than polypropylene alternatives.

It can be wrung out and reused, preventing waste to landfill.



Attachment for catch pit and storm drain inserts.


For more information download the brochure HERE