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Gumboots for Christmas

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28 Nov 2022
Gumboots for Christmas

This is a personal message from Mike Hannah, Co-founder of Stormwater360.

Many of you would have seen or heard Mike King’s heart-breaking interview on The Rock’s Morning Rumble where Mike in tears reduced listeners to floods. (Warning strong language is used)

Why Mike is so upset because he’s tired of our suicide rates. Tired of a system that isn’t working and tired that too many people are still being silent. Tired that no one is doing anything about it.

So this Christmas, we’ve taken Mike’s words to heart and will be donating all our corporate gift budget to Mike King’s Foundation - I am Hope Charity and Gumboot Friday. 

What’s Gumboot Friday?

An overworked, underfunded, and under-resourced, public mental health service has led to excruciatingly long wait times for young people needing immediate help. Gumboot Friday was designed to meet the needs of young people.

Using fully qualified, licensed practitioners from the private sector, young people can book a session at and with 3 clicks of a button, they are seen by a counsellor within a week. Best of all, Gumboot Friday takes care of the bill.

The Gumboot Friday Platform is so successful that DHBs are now referring patients directly, rather than having them wait for weeks, and often months for an appointment.

It’s working for our kids

Since 2021, Kiwis have donated $3.3 million to fund free kids counselling and to date, Gumboot Friday has funded 20,481 counselling sessions, helping 9,376 Kiwi kids. This year their goal is to raise $2 million.

By donating our Christmas Fund, we hope to help get them there and beyond. We are also hoping that our clients might join us with similar donations and support. (They have some cool merchandise that also makes neat Xmas presents!)

“We do a lot of work protecting our rivers and oceans for our future generations, but what’s the point if our kids are not there to enjoy them? We need to step up and give them the mental health support they need. I truly hope you can join us by donating some of your traditional gift runs to Gumboot Friday.”  Mike Hannah.