Filterra® Bioscape at Kaylene Place, Ōmokoroa Peninsula
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Filterra® Bioscape at Kaylene Place, Ōmokoroa Peninsula

Green Infrastructure
21 Mar 2024
Filterra® Bioscape at Kaylene Place, Ōmokoroa Peninsula

Solving environmental problems is complex.

This can only be accomplished by combining multiple disciplines, all working together to create that magical outcome where “the sum of the whole is more than the sum of the individual parts”.

This week, that lesson came to me again as I watched the progress on the latest Filterra® Bioscape at Kayelene Place in the Ōmokoroa Peninsula.

In 2021 Western Bay of Plenty District Council and Maven explored options for fitting the highest level of stormwater treatment into a severely limited available footprint. Stormwater360 submitted the Filterra® Bioscape as a high-performance, rapid infiltration small footprint biofiltration system (yep! That’s a mouthful!).

As a new (at that time) application of the Filterra® technology, the proposed solution went through many Q&A phases with Bay of Plenty Regional Council, with many design adjustments by Maven and SW360, and peer review by Vitruvius, before culminating into the beautiful system we see today (three years later!) installed by CB Civil.

So many hands and minds have touched the Kayelene Place Filterra® Bioscape; all with the intent to “get it right”. This is a good lesson on how to tackle our environmental challenges: collaboration between Regulators, Asset Owners, Designers, Technology experts, and Civil Contractors, and let us not forget the Maintenance teams that will carry huge responsibility from here on!

A well done to everyone, and a big thanks for the collaboration throughout this journey to #cleanerstormwater

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- Wynand Du Toit

National Sales Manager