Engineered Excellence: The Strategic Material Selection of EnviroPod™ LittaTrap™
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Engineered Excellence: The Strategic Material Selection of EnviroPod™ LittaTrap™

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20 Nov 2023
Engineered Excellence: The Strategic Material Selection of EnviroPod™ LittaTrap™

In stormwater management devices, the fabrication material selection is critical to any Engineered Catch Basin Insert system.

The materials used in the LittaTrap™ have been rigorously tested in both simulated and Laboratory verified tests to ensure it will excel in its performance and longevity.

Temperature Range and UV Resistance: One of the primary considerations in material selection is the temperature range the catch basin insert will face. The LittaTrap™ has been engineered to endure a wide spectrum of climatic conditions, from heat to a freezing cold Canadian winter. Its materials boast exceptional UV resistance, ensuring that prolonged exposure to the sun's rays will not compromise its structural integrity.

Chemical Content and Strength: In stormwater runoff, chemical content is a critical factor that demands attention. The LittaTrap™ materials have been chosen for their resistance to the diverse array of chemicals present in runoff. Moreover, the system is designed to withstand both static and live loading scenarios, emphasising strength in terms of deflection and failure.

Durability and Material Fatigue: Durability is a cornerstone in the design philosophy of the LittaTrap™. It's not only about short-term efficacy but also ensuring that the product can endure the test of time. The materials used undergo scrutiny for potential fatigue, guaranteeing that the LittaTrap™ will perform consistently over its lifespan. This is especially crucial in stormwater management, where constant dynamic loading is a reality.

Workability and Weight: The ease of working with the materials during fabrication is another aspect that has not been overlooked. EnviroPod™ recognises the importance of workability in the manufacturing process to ensure precision and efficiency. Additionally, the weight of the LittaTrap™ has been carefully considered to strike a balance between structural integrity and ease of installation.

Cost-Effective and Repairable: Beyond the performance aspects, EnviroPod™ has integrated a cost-effective approach into the LittaTrap™ design. The 'Repair not Replace' philosophy underscores the commitment to sustainability. Instead of disposing of the entire product in the event of damage, individual components can be purchased and replaced, reducing waste and contributing to a more sustainable stormwater management solution.