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A wrap up of 2021

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09 Dec 2021

As we move towards Christmas, we look back on the year with pride on our achievements and our response to these turbulent times. We have celebrated our 25th birthday; and remain committed to another innings where we will play our part in working towards cleaner water and a sustainable future - both in New Zealand and overseas. Covid may have hit us with a whole array of challenges, but we are up for it and the need for quality water does not go away!

We have introduced the “Cascade Separator™” and the Filterra® “Bioscape” far and wide as our latest technologies - with awesome feedback, ranging from little old Coatesville through to the pristine shores of Lake Tekapo. We are truly excited about the product performance and uptake for future projects.

Internationally, our EnviroPod™ “LittaTrap™” is increasingly being recognised as the lead catch pit insert to tackle trash pollution, particularly in regulated markets in California and around the Great Lakes. Further testament that we are here for the long haul after years of committed R&D!

So, while we will continue to have challenges like the rest of us, we will continue to overcome these - by working together with other industry stakeholders; with thought leadership ideas and suggestions; with great product, service and ground-breaking R & D;  all underpinned with a steadfast desire to do the right thing by the environment.

Our passion burns strongly, and we look forward to the year ahead.