Gross Pollutant Traps – Performance, Evaluation and Approvals
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15 August 2022

Gross Pollutant Traps – Performance, Evaluation and Approvals

Mike Hannah

Mike Hannah

Co-founder, Managing Director and Technical Engineer

Gross Pollutant Traps – Performance, Evaluation and Approvals Webinar.

Gross Pollutant Traps (GPTs) are a useful tool in the treatment and management of stormwater.

Auckland Council requires a GPT in some applications as part of their Network Discharge Consent, and elsewhere in New Zealand GPTs are used as pretreatment and for retrofit applications. However, there is no definition of a ‘Gross Pollutant’, no regulation defining the design or performance characteristics of a gross pollutant trap, no guidance on where they can be used and to what extent, how to evaluate their real-world performance or even an approval process.


Join Mike Hannah, Technical Director of EnviroPod™ International and Stormwater360 as we explore gross pollutants and the mechanisms to remove them from stormwater. Learn from our experience working in regulated markets requiring 100% trash capture, and with performance standards for GPTs.


We will explore:

GPT treatment mechanisms
Applications GPTs can be used in
Understanding the true performance of a GPT
How to evaluate GPT performance
International approvals, and their application in New Zealand.



Mike Hannah - Technical Director of EnviroPod™ Inc and Stormwater360