Evaluating Stormwater Treatment Devices
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27 June 2024

Evaluating Stormwater Treatment Devices

Mike Hannah

Mike Hannah

Technical Director

Evaluating Stormwater Treatment Devices
27 Jun

01:00 PM NZT

Thu, 27 Jun, 2024

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Join our webinar "Evaluating Treatment Devices," where we delve into the rapidly advancing world of stormwater treatment technology.


As new developments emerge, individuals and organisations face increasing challenges in comparing the performance of these innovative tools. With significant investments being made and limited resources for implementing Best Management Practices (BMPs), there is a growing need among stakeholders to assess the effectiveness of these solutions and determine the most appropriate methods.

Manufacturers are continually introducing new technologies, underscoring the need for a greater understanding of how to evaluate these systems effectively. In response to this demand, several performance assessment methods have been developed in the USA, aimed at verifying theoretical performance predictions. Many regions have adopted straightforward performance standards, such as achieving a 75% Total Suspended Solids (TSS) removal rate, to address this complex issue.

As New Zealand and other regions continue to develop their stormwater regulations, it is essential to consider the existing challenges and evaluate performance data accurately.

This webinar will review various methods for measuring performance, focusing on the removal of TSS, heavy metals, and nutrients. We aim to highlight the complexities involved in evaluating BMPs and provide valuable insights into effective assessment strategies.

Join us in this informative session to enhance your understanding of evaluating stormwater treatment devices and gain insights into best practices for performance measurement

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